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How do I accompany your energy body   and spiritual?

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Pourquoi le mentorat?

In each of my accompaniments and according to your problem and the intention that you wish to put in my care:

I include in addition to ThetaHealing ® , automatically an energy treatment .


Despite my different training in energy (Reiki, Lahochi, Luc bodin, Egyptian treatments, ISIS healing system....), I   practice treatments that come from the heart, which look like me and which are adapt to your current problem without necessarily giving it a name.


  I can also put into practice techniques from shamanism , or reading the Akashic records ,   if I feel that it is adequate for the person.

thérapie coaching
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Concrètement, comment ça se passe?

Prendre RDV- pour une formation de  soin énergétique
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